Soloviev D-30 two-shaft low bypass turbofan

Soloviev D-30 aircraft engine is two-shaft turbofan engine with integrated afterburner and variable supersonic nozzle.  Intended to be installed on the Mikoyan MiG-31 supersonic interceptor aircraft.  The power plant consists of two engines, each having their own air inlets.

Soloviev D-30 military turbofan engine was designed by Perm Engine-building Design Bureau (currently known as Aviadvigatel JSC). Engine’s fully variable nozzle was designed by Turaevo Machine-building Design Bureau “SOYUZ”.

Engine high capabilities provide Mikoyan MiG-31 aircraft with high range, unique climbing rate and altitude-speed performances providing maximal aircraft velocity in 3000 km/h and speed near ground in 1500 km/h.


Reliability and failure-free


Engine’s reliability provides with protection systems, failure redundancy and early failure detections:

Limiting system of low pressure rotor’s maximum rotations and limiting system of maximal turbine outlet temperature;

protection system from the constant speed drive turbine starting;

anti-icing system of cowling and intake guide vanes of low-pressure compressor;

antisurge system.


Electronic – hydraulic system of automatic engine control is duplicated by hydraulic system in case of electronic system fault. This system provides flight security and mission completion. Engine’s structure provides the capability of its own parametric control during the flight.

In order to evaluate the condition of gas-air flow duct details during engine’s operation, the inspection of all working vanes in compressor and turbine as well as of nozzle vanes of turbine first and second stages should be performed.

If any foreign matter happens to be in the engine’s gas-air flow duct, the engine’s construction allows to replace separate damaged vanes in compressor first stage as well as the whole low-pressure compressor module during exploitation.



Long-term exploitation experience of Soloviev D-30 engine on MiG-31 supersonic airplane has shown high engine’s reliability in different operational weather conditions and maintenance of major technical specifications during operational life.

Technical specifications

Maximal performance without afterburning (H=0, M=0, t=15oC, σвх=1,0)

Thrust, kgf – 9500

Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf hour – 0,72

Full afterburning performance (H=0, M=0, σвх=1,0)

Thrust, kgf – 15500

Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf hour – 1,9

Maximal flight velocity, M – 2.83

Maximal turbine inlet temperature, K – 1660

Dry weight, kg – 2416



Soloviev D-30 engine is an module engine, consists of 7 modules. All modules (except for core module) may be replaced during operational life.


Engine’s modules:

Inlet guide vane

Low-pressure compressor

Core module:

Intermediate case

High-pressure compressor

Combustion chamber

High-pressure turbine

Low-pressure turbine

Rear bearing


Afterburner duct

Propulsive nozzle

Block of front and rear gear boxes