Ramjets, designed by PJSC Turaevo Machine-building Design Bureau “SOYUZ”

3Д80 – supersonic ramjet of integrated type.

It’s the first engine where the solid propellant booster is positioned within the ramjet’s combustion chamber. The booster casing is ejected after it had used all solid booster. These engines have no counterparts in the world.

The engine is installed on P-270 Moskit cruise missile created by MKB Raduga.

3Д81 – supersonic ramjet of integrated type.

1975 – the development’s beginning.

It’s provides the cruise flight at mach 2.25 at the altitude H=5…10m above sea level. The unique design specifications include foldover V-gutter flameholders with fuel manifolds and solid propellant booster positioned within the ramjet’s combustion chamber that are ejected from chamber by ram air after all fuel is burnt.

Technical specifications:

Specific thrust (cruise mode), kgf/kg sec - 1200

Serial production since 1983.

Installed on p-270 Moskit “ship-to-ship” cruise missile made by MKB Raduga.

3Д83 - supersonic ramjet of integrated type.

This engine is the modification of 3Д81 engine. Design features: constructional variable two-position nozzle which actuator uses the energy of gas mainstream. 3Д81 and 3Д83 engines have no counterparts.

31ДПК – power plant, which combines solid propellant rocket engine with supersonic ramjet.

Development’s beginning – 1977.

This propulsion system combines 31ДП booster solid propellant rocket engine and 31ДП cruise supersonic ramjet. Booster engine is situated within the supersonic ramjet combustion chamber. After the booster fuel is burnt, the casing of solid propellant rocket engine is ejected from supersonic ramjet combustion chamber by ram air. 31ДП booster engine is mounted with automatic system of multiple igniting with optical flame indicator. Elastic separator of fuel tank provides minimal unusable fuel and reliable fuel delivery to the combustion chamber during sign-variable acceleration. The combustion chamber head is made as single block with V-gutter flamefolders, fuel manifolds of both ground and altitude conditions and common carburant fuel manifold. 31ДП engine has no counterparts. Serial production has begun since 1986. This engine accelerate the missile and provides cruise flight at the velocity M=1.8…3.5 at the altitude H=0…16.5 km. 31ДП engine has maximal thrust ratio of 0.8 and specific impulse in 1300 kgf/kg sec at Mach 2.5 at the altitude 10 km.

It’s installed on Kh-31 “air-to-ground” cruise missile.